What Are Colored Overlays?

by Pat Wyman on March 11, 2011

Colored Overlays Raise Reading Scores

If you have ever known anyone who struggles to read, it might not occur to you that not everyone sees the printed page in the same way.

Colored Overlays

Colored Overlays


Colored overlays are used to change the light wave length and often clears up the print for anyone who struggles to read, including people with dyslexia or ADHD.



Colored overlays are transparent plastic sheets in different colors.  What is important to know is that not all colored overlays are alike.  Most that you see are flimsy and break easily.  What you need are the thick and sturdy colored overlays that don’t break.

As a reading specialist I have used colored overlays for 30 years to help children and adults ease visual stress and make reading easier.  Most people even place them over the computer screen.

The Reading Teacher Journal has a study showing that colored overlays can not only make reading easier but improve reading scores by 1 1/2 years in just one week!

Before using colored overlays you may want to take the free Eye-Q Reading Inventory here to see just how the printed page looks to you and how you feel when you read.

If you notice that you get tired when you read, or actually don’t like reading, just know there is always a reason and colored overlays, which are thick and sturdy transparent sheets of different colors can really make a difference for you.

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